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New Roof Replacement in Daytona Beach Area

December 16, 2020

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Homeowners living in Daytona Beach area will need to replace their roof every 15 to 25 years. Over a period of 15-20 years the roof will go through a number of hurricanes and tropical storms that will weaken the shingles on the roof. if your in need of a new roof affordable roofing and construction is a good choice to talk to when you need a new roof. We've been in the roofing business for over 30 years.

Because of the storms coming off the  Atlantic Ocean we never know when we're going to have a tropical storm or hurricane and you need to be ready.  Roof replacement is our main business and we do a lot of new roof replacement  in the Daytona Beach area.   Shingle roof is the most popular roofing in the area, however, we have shingles well versed for winds up to a hundred 135 miles per hour.   This is a popular product that we install because most hurricanes have guessed that 135 miles an hour in Daytona area.

New Metal Roof for Homeowners is Becoming Popular

Metal roofing is another new roofing that we put in. It is popular for barnes, residential homes and commercial homes.   Metal roofing is becoming very popular for homeowners. We do repairs for metal roof along with replacing the metal roof with our professional installers.  Flat roofs is another roof that we do replacement for.   When you're ready for an estimate on the roof needs,  call us so we can give you a free estimate

The most popular new roof that we replace are for shingles roofing.   Flat roofs are popular for the larger commercial accounts and warehouses.   Roof coating for some of the roof  can save you money and it does work pretty well.   Call Affordable Roofing & Construction Daytona Beach for any estimates for roof replacement.  You will love our workmanship and affordable pricing.

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